PowerPort II PD charging very slowly

Hello everyone. I bought a PowerPort PD I charger and a PowerCore Slim 10000 battery. I tried to change the battery, but it took almost 2 days and it was only about half charged according to the led lights on the battery.

I reached out to Anker was told that the charger was not compatible with the battery. So they sent me a new charger, a PowerPort II PD. I tried out the new charger and was still having problems getting the battery to charge. It was still taking more than 24 hours to charge and I was only able to get about 75% charge. I also noticed that if I connect my Galaxy S10+ to the PD port on the charger, it would take twice as long or longer than if I used the Anker PowerWave 10W fast wireless charger or the original charger or the PowerPort PD I charger.

I’ve tried using different charging cables and still no luck. From PD on the battery to the phone I have no problems, from the PowerPort PD I to the phone no problem. I ever tried with my wife’s Galaxy S8+ and still the same thing with the PowerPort II PD. I honestly don’t know what is wrong, the cables or the charger.

BTW, I’m not using Anker usb-c to usb-c cables, I’m using Finekeep 10ft usb-c to usb-c right angle fast charge cables I bought from Amazon. And help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

I’d try a different cable next. Not bashing your Finekeep cable, but it has a couple of warning flags. 10 feet is much longer than most USB-C cables go. There are technical reasons they don’t go past 2 meters (6.6 feet). Right angle connectors are outside of the USB-C specification. Doesn’t mean they are bad, but it means there wasn’t guidelines for the company to follow when they made the cable.

You mention other cables, but didn’t specify. A USB-C to USB-A cable (common with the S8) will not perform the same as USB-C to USB-C. It doesn’t support USB PD, as the Type A doesn’t support it. If you don’t have another USB-C to USB-C cable I’d recommend getting one. Preferably one that is USB-IF certified (Anker PowerLine II, AmazonBasics, Belkin).

I thought of that, but the cable that came with the PowerCore Slim 10000 does the same exact thing.