PowerPort II PD 49.5w wall charger keeps falling out

Is anyone having issues with this charger falling out of outlets? I’ve tried both home and office outlets, which aren’t loose. I’m wondering if it’s a weight issue but would like to know if others have the issue and what work around you’ve found. This charger is for travel so I can only imagine this is going to be so much worse in airports.

Do you mean this one?


I don’t own, but yes, by design, this would fall out. It weighs 5.3oz 193g , Anker designed it with a long length emerging from the wall so its inherently designed to fall out unless it is plugged into an assumed good tight power socket. Your alternative would be go with a desktop charger and then the cable in the wall being much lighter.

This has been discussed many times here, for example the Powercore Fusion.

I own the Powerport4 and then all the rest are desktop chargers with a wire which is lighter to keep in the wall.

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Yes, that’s the one. I didn’t realize there was an issue with prior versions (different names). Thank you for the advice!

Hi @410clh

Thank you for your suggestions!
We will consider it on our future product improvement. :grin:

Email support@anker.com so they will offer you a replacement product if the product is faulty. Like if helped:)


I recommend placing the folding hinge on the widest side so its less protruding.

You are intending to product a number of heavier wall chargers and many of them share the same flaw of being heavier and protruding from the wall so prone to weak sockets. As these folding pin type chargers are more for traveling with they encounter more commonly worn sockets.

It depends on the sockets!
EU is another than US type.

EU type is much better for such wall chargers

UK holds in better than EU.

What I did was forcefully stretch out the prongs away from each other (just a tad) but enough that it still goes in to the socket. It is a bit heavy, before just brushing by it would bump the charger to the floor. Now it is solid.