PowerPort II 2 Ports

Im thinking of buying it but my question is, does it support Power IQ 2.0?

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Judging by the product page you can find here :

It appears that this charger support Power IQ, but no mention of Power IQ2.
Anyone can confirm?

The PowerPort II is just PowerIQ. Think only the PowerCore II 10000 and 20000 are currently using PowerIQ2 at present.

IQ2 Powerport helps recharge time of IQ2 Powercore. Til then IQ2 helps only QC devices.

II used in some cases to mean IQ2 in others to mean IQ adds to confusion.

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Also Slim 10000 but not Elite 20000 if it ever makes a reappearance.

No, they don’t, just PowerIQ β€œ1.0”