Powerport elite vs Powerport 2 lite

`I recently received a Powerport elite as a replacement for my Powerport 2 lite and wanted to share some thoughts.

For starters I am extremely pleased with the Elites performance so far as it has charged my phone and tablet very quickly at the same time. This cannot be said for the less powerful Lite and is one of the best parts about the Elite wall charger. Another amazing part is the brightness on the display to show the Elite is working. With my Lite, I would have to cover the light while sleeping because I like a very dark room. This is great for the Elite because of its much lower brightness so I have had no trouble with it while sleeping. The scratch prone Lite was also trumped by the Elite as I have not seen any scratches on the casing. The only negatives I have found is I prefer the size and astetics of the Lite rather than the Elite but I’m not surprised it’s bigger because of the performance increase. Overall, great product at a bargain price.


Do you have a picture comparing the two? You mentioned it’s prone to scratching, is it that the casing is smooth vs a textured finish?

left to right-elite, lite, apple

You can see a little bit of denting and scratching on the lite

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Nice review! Keep up the good work!

Nice comparison, @pickering.drew! Thanks for sharing!

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The newer Powerport2 II vs the Powerport2 Lite would be good to see side by side. The Powerport 2 Elite you have was a bigger unit than Powerport2. The Powerport2 II is smaller than the Powerport2 (non-Elite).

So I suspect the difference in size is now narrower between the newer Powerport2 II and the Powerport2 Lite.

The “lite” version type problem of needing 2 ports with 12W is my backup charger problem and I solved that for $5 with non-Anker. IT is backup, just needs to be small and cheap. My experience of 12W chargers is they get very hot due to basically serving 24W needs, so running at 12W a long time.

I dig the comparison. Pictures always helps put things into perspective. :slight_smile: Good job.

Thanks for providing the pictures, now I can see what you meant about the size difference and how they look