PowerPort C1 vs Hotel Room Outlets

Took a little “staycation” for a couple of days, just for a little change of scenery. I brought my PowerPort C1 and 6’ PowerLine+ II USB-C to lightning to charge my phone & iPad. Unfortunately, the outlets in the room didn’t want to play nice–there are four outlets in the base of the tabletop lamps and another next to the desk. Luckily there was one outlet that I could actually use without having to leave my gadgets on the floor.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I needed to charge my phone last night. Hope everyone is doing as well as possible!


Made me chuckle seeing that hang out of the socket.
All’s well with us thanks @Mark_Dunsmore
Hope you and yours are well too :+1:t2:

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Yikes!!! That looks about right…hotel outlets are the worse. They are usually placed in a very inconvenient place or are all jacked up. I make it a habit to always bring a powerbank with me, just in case. Thanks for sharing your story. Hope you finally got your phone charged.

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Lol who is that first outlet for :joy:. Can’t think of any charger (“block”) that would fit there. I know my laptop charger would fit but not many laptops have those chargers anymore.

But yes some of the outlets are very poorly placed for no real reason at all. Hope you’ve been fine @Mark_Dunsmore

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Hope you have been doing well @Mark_Dunsmore

I always carry a extension cord along with charger whenever I travel (not traveled out for last 7 months now :rofl: ) may be you too should :wink:

this is a very common issue with such bulky chargers


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Double Tree by any chance @Mark_Dunsmore? I got a nasty shock of one of those lamps once when checking my phone in the middle of the night and accidentally touching the metal base.

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In the first two photos, the room’s AC outlet (I’m assuming it’s some form of outlet built into a metal enclosure) is actually correctly placed upside-down (with the ground pin at the top) so larger wall warts (which tend to hang down) would still have a chance to plug in at least one way.

Anker’s positioning of the blades on the charger is too centered and not offset enough in one direction for it to plug in correctly one way and not the other. The way it is now, the Anker will not plug in either way rather than at least one way.

The other photos speak for themselves. :roll_eyes:

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There are 1 foot long (or shorter) extensions that are solely meant to allow you to use wall wart type chargers more efficiently in power strips and wall outlets. Think of them as very short, grounded extension cords. Almost no space needed to pack them. Amazon search for “power strip saver”.

Been using these things for many, many years…purchased mine years ago at Fry’s Electronics when there were not available elsewhere and when Fry’s still actually sold electronics there.



Glad you were able to find an usable outlet lol

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This is the reason I prefer those chargers with a cable.
You need not to crawl a lot and find a suitable socket.
The photo of the half plugged in charger made me fighten.


Nope, Best Western. I’ve been in hotels where the outlets is in the top of the lamp base, and those work out well. These things, though? Kinda useless.

Wanna +1 that LOL - there’s no room for any kind of brick anywhere in there :laughing:

HOWEVER - Anker’s “Desktop” Chargers are what you need here - they all has 2 prong plugs at the end of a cable. I use the Atom II Slim (4Port) for everything these days.