PowerPort C 1 - Lightning Deal for $12.74 USD

For anyone that’s interested, the PowerPort C 1 is currently on an Amazon Lightning Deal for the next 4 hours. List price is $17.99, regular price is $14.99, and the Lightning Deal price is $12.74.

Deal expires around 2:40PM CST.


Oooh. I may have to buy one of these… but If I do I have another 15$ to spend on a cord…

Lol! Yeah, too bad they don’t come with a cord. I have a couple spare USB-C to USB cords around the house for my Nintendo Switch and accessories, but I need to get a USB-C to Lightning Cable for my Apple Products.

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Yeah. That’s what I need too. At least anker makes one now :joy:. I wish Apple had a quick charger as the stock charger :pensive:

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Same, but we know that won’t happen anytime soon. And then I’m sure they’ll charge an arm and a leg for a tiny charger. That’s what I love about Anker. They have exceptional products and a very affordable cost.

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Thanks for sharing!

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Sure thing! Even though the lightning deal is over, it looks like you can still get 15% off with the available coupon. :smiley:

Nice deal thanks for posting I’ll have to check it out