PowerPort Atom Pd1 vs PowerPort C1

Hey guys I know we have been all hyped about the release of the PowerPort Atom Pd1 but in the latest Anker sales email they have a PowerPort C1 thAt also looks compact and has a USB port. I was wondering if the difference between them was the usb pd or other things or if they are the same. Thanks

The PowerPort Atom PD 1 supports Power Delivery while the PowerPort C 1 does not. Also, the Atom’s output is much higher, 30W vs 15W. Both are similar in size.


Thanks @joshuad11 so basically splurge the extra cash and get the faster one with pd and higher wattage! Rally appreciate the fast response!

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Are we going to get the Atom in other countries?
Every photo shows a US adapter. #JustAsking

Hopefully a deal with the atom and new USB C to Lighting Cable.


You do need a device capable of the extra performance. USB PD is a negotiation of common voltage and current. That negotiation can chase to the bottom of one the device does not deem worthy. Or in other words - does not work. You need to confirm, from either detailed investigation, or a user review, it works for you. You could pay extra for a brick.

Anker is listing devices, these would be presumably devices verified working, check you have one of those devices.

Get the PowerPort Atom pd 1. Even though it’s a few dollars more expensive, I’m sure it will come in handy down the road