PowerPort Atom III Slim (65W 4-Port) - Connect all of your devices!

Unboxing & Testing Video:


The naming scheme is a bit of a mix, but this small charger/adapter has got some serious kicks!

I have noticed that there are a few different versions out there with the same name, but this is a 4-ports, 65W version that has one Power Delivery 45W USB-C port along with three USB-A ports.

As shown in the video, the overall size is quite small and it can be nicely tucked away on your desk until you need some power! It is just about the size of my palm, and I’ve got some small hands!

I have tested this with various devices that are at home:
A phone (Samsung Galaxy S10e), AA Battery Charger, Bluetooth Headphone (Logitech Wireless Zone), Bluetooth Earphone, Bluetooth Speaker (Soundcore), mouse (Logitech MX Master 3), keyboard (Logitech MX Keys) and even a laptop (Microsoft Surfacebook 2).

They all charge at the expected speed/rate where the PowerIQ is being provided.

Samsung Galaxy S10e is only able to Fast Charge via the provided USB-C port.

When Fast Charge is activated, those compatible devices can charge at a much better speed. My S10e goes from 0% to 70% within 30 min.


  • Versatility in accommodating different devices. Both USB-A and USB-C
  • PD 45W option that can charge even a laptop
  • Compact and slim design where it can occupy a corner of the desk
  • Clear light indication of power


  • Quickcharge missing for USB-A ports
  • No data transfer

I think this charger would be the perfect desk companion where someone can quickly lay the laptop down and get charing going along with several other devices such as Bluetooth headphones and other wireless devices.


Great review and loved the unboxing video.
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Thank you! It was quite fun making it too.

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