Powerport Atom III Slim 4 Ports Review: I think I'm in love


I have been a Fan of Anker Charging Bricks for a long time. The PowerPort Atom II Slim is the best yet. Excellent job, Anker!

Smallest Travel Charger Yet

This thing is very thin, extremely light, and easily stored in a slim exterior backpack pocket, making it the perfect all-purpose charger. I am carrying only this from now on!

I am something of an Anker cahrging brick enthusiast, and this one blows the others out of the water! the GaN technology has finally come to full fruition in this product. Have a look at it next to the other bricks from Anker:

It’s so thin you can stack one on top of a PowerPort Strip PD2 and STILL be smaller than a cube!

Here’s another shot detailing the evolution of these chargers:

Most Powerful Atom Yet!

This little guy packs a whopping 65w total, with a full 45w dedicated to the USB C port! Here is is charging my Asus Chromebook Flip C302 at it’s max 45w:

Need to charge other devices? No worries! The Atom II Slim will STILL charge your laptop at 45w even when charging other high draw devices, like this iPad at over 11w:

Only Two Prongs!

In a tight spot without a grounded outlet? No Problem! All you need is a two-prong plug and you’re good to go:


Cons? Where? I seriously can’t find one. Unless you really need another regular outlet, but this really isn’t the charger for that.


It’s finally time to ditch your old USB adapters!! This is the product that charges everything at high speed: Phone, Earbuds, Headphones, Speakers, Laptops, Tablets, and anything else you carry around. If it charges from USB, this is the perfect fit.

Thanks for reading!


Well, now I feel like I need to pick one up.

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Great Work!
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Great review and photos @gAnkster

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Awesome review

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Excellent review again @gAnkster :+1:

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Great review, @gAnkster!

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Excellent review @gAnkster

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Great review :+1: @gAnkster :grinning:

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nice review, and great pics :clap: @gAnkster

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Great job as always. :slight_smile: You definitely make me want to pick one up, eventhough I don’t need one :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome review man!! Great job :clap: