PowerPort+ Atom III; My new go-to

Fantastic charger. Easily replaced my current charger for my iPhone Max as well as my powerbanks. Charges fast and the light on the front is a great indicator of its functionality. The two charging ports allow for me to easily charge two devices at the same time and quickly. Another solid device from Anker. It does not disappoint. Threw it into my travel bag with my laptop and its the perfect charger.


Review looks good :+1:. Can’t wait for more photos :grin:.

Any chance we can get some example charge times?

What device are you looking for? My laptop is currently at 31% and I’ll be charging it now. I will advise

Any charge times are good… phone, laptop, earbud. Just whatever you can get charge times for :man_shrugging:

I like the blue LED light on it :thumbsup:

13 or 15 inch?

13,Took less than an hour. My iPhone Xmax is charging now. Using regular usb. Phone was at 64% at 1320 EST.

At 1350 I was up to 85%. Not a bad charge. Had to go to work. This was a normal, Apple-supplied charging cable as well.

Nice review and photos