PowerPort Atom III - 6 ft USB-C cable

I need a 6ft cable to charge my laptop. would the Anker PowerLine+ C to C 2.0 cable (6ft) fine?

USB 3.1 cable should not matter if mainly for charging?


Absolutely that is a very good cable of course a shorter cable would be best but that is not what you need. You also correct in 2.0 vs 3.1 doesn’t matter in regards to charging only data transfer.

While this is true, Anker’s USB 2.0 cables are capable of outputting only up to 60W.

If your device requires more than 60W, in which case PowerPort+ Atom III (2 Ports) wouldn’t work either, this is your only option (not 6 ft).


Also, if you don’t care about nylon braiding, consider Anker’s newer PowerLine II cable, which is cheaper, more durable, and includes a lifetime warranty.


Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Nice suggestion I still prefer the braided cable though it just looks sexier.

which one is slimmer for travel? I have a couple Anker cables that are too fat.

I would say that they are both pretty similar in terms of thickness.