Powerport Atom availabe in DE!

Seems we are not totally forgotten! :joy:


Nice. Glad to see you can get this amazing product. I haven’t bought one yet but plan to.

Glad Anker is not forgetting about our friends from different countries who need different power adapter

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Forgiven - not forgotten …

Is it actually available - couldn’t find on Amazon.de?

Me too! :worried:

Yeah, it just looks like an advertising image above - where is it from?

In fact going on the anker.com/de site, it just says available soon, fill in your email details to be notified when. Ah well I guess it is at least coming even if not available yet…

I got this from Anker by email.
May be it was a special offer. I really don’t know.
Otherwise it could have been limited.

You might ask the support for getting better information.
Sorry I can not give you those.