PowerPort Atom 4 + external display issues

I have a PowerPort Atom 4 powering my MacBook Pro 2019 16". The MacBook is connected to an external display.

I also have a USB-C and lightning cable connected to the PowerPort for use charging my phone, earbuds and iPad.

When my laptop is hooked up to the PowerPort Atom 4 and my external display and I then plug in my iPhone to charge the external display turns off. I have to disconnect and reconnect everything to make it turn back on. This is super annoying and it’s as if the PowerPort Atom 4 is somehow acting as as hub or something between the devices which doesn’t make sense. Help!

The Atom 4 turns off then on it’s power when you plug in a 2nd device.

You’d have to find a way to have a 2nd device permanently plugged in, like an old phone and then swap the phone.

It is not acting as a hub, it “intelligently” reduces the power to the active ports when connect in more to its ports, that makes it turn itself off then on.

Thanks for the explanation. Sadly it sounds like this is not the device for me because the power turning on/off breaks the macbook’s connection to the external display :frowning:

Experiment to find ways to make it not switch.

Are you using a 100W cable? Try a 60W cable so Atom 4 has 40W spare.

Plug the phone into something else, like a laptop port.

All these switching multiple port chargers do the same thing to force a new renegotiation when another port gets used, you have to learn a workaround.