PowerPort Atom 1 compatibility with PowerCore 10000 PD

Does anyone know if there is compatibility issue fast charging PowerCore 10000 PD using PowerPort Atom 1? Someone reported that the two aren’t compatible in the deal thread in Slickdeals even though both are USB-C PD.

It still says

But newer messages suggest the problem with the PD was fixed, so I can see why you’re asking.

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical please state the current truth.

@lcua which country you are in as the problem was in manufacturing so old stock may be out there with the original problem later fixed.

I bought it from Amazon US a month ago when it was on sale. I guess I should have paid more attention and now debating whether I should return it to Amazon and eat the return fee.

Hi @lcua,

We are improving the software of the PowerCore 10000 PD to improve compatibility. Currently, new batches of products have been released in the Canadian market and compatibility issues have been resolved.

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So everyone in USA should not buy it?


Are you serious?! :rage:

Why did you continue to sell it with these known issues?! It would be one thing if it wasn’t compatible with another brand’s charger, but Anker products should work with other Anker products! This is a big, embarrassing problem.

C’mon, @AnkerTechnical!


@AnkerTechnical Thanks for the confirmation, but will the existing US owners for PowerCore 10000 PD be able to exchange for the updated version free of charge or for a minimal fee?

I guess I will initiate the return before the return window is closed and eat my loss. This isn’t a good experience tbh.


I wouldn’t pay a fee… in my opinion this qualifies as a fault and should fall under warranty.


Hi @@lcua,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention via the community. This is Anker Customer Support.

First of all, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused in this incompatibility issue between the PowerCore 10000 PD and the Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1. We appreciate all of your’s attention @professor @joshuad11 @C4RB1N3.

The incompatibility is due to a charging system updating issue on the PowerCore 10000 PD. As you already know in the response from our Technical team, this issue has been corrected in our current production and the PowerCore 10000 PD has the upgraded charging system built. The updated version has the same construction/buliding as the old version(no particular components changed) but just a system update.

The old version of the PowerCore 10000 PD still can be charged by other Anker USB-C PD wall charges such as below ones:

PowerPort Speed 1 USB-C

PowerPort II

PowerPort Speed+ Duo

Therefore, we make the running change on the new version of the PowerCore 10000 PD to have the old one still available on Amazon.

The incompatibility also applies to the Anker PowerPort PD 2 and Anker PowerPort PD 1 as advertised in the product description of the PowerCore 10000 PD on Amazon.

So if you have ordered the PowerCore 10000 PD along with these three Anker wall chargers, you can return the Anker wall chargers to Amazon and order the recommended wall charger to get this fixed. You are always welcome to email support@anker.com for help if you have further concerns.

Again, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience and confusion caused. Thanks so much for your support and understanding.

Wish you all the best!


SO when Anker does PD it means “partially defective”? I agree with you they should have stopped selling and junk the product, or removed the PD part and dropped the price to run down stock.

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Can we define the incompatibility, please? Is it the power bank takes a reduced charge? Or does it refuse to charge completely?

I’ve been testing one with an Atom PD 1 and a Speed PD 30. I’ve gotten a few odd results so far. But I haven’t been able to demonstrate an issue with the Atom over other models. I bought my 10000 PD in mid March from Amazon US.

Hi @queuebitt,

Thanks for your attention to this issue.

The incompatibility is the old version of PowerCore 10000 PD cannot be recharged by those Anker PD wall chargers. You can email us via support@anker.com for the detailed issues you have with the Atom PD 1 and Speed PD 30 on charging the PowerCore 10000 PD. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

This is hurting your brand.

The fact you have products with known problems and in the small print you acknowledge do not function properly, is creating an impression of a recent staff changes where you do not care about customers as much as you did in the past.

The fact you are currently selling a product with a known problem is the core of the concern. You should have immediately withdrawn the product. Instead you are selling it with the “does not work” in a small print which risks buyers getting a known failed product.

Anker is changing, not for the better.

Anker was not always like this, I gave you respect years ago when you emailed me saying a product I owned had discovered a flaw and offered replacement. You earned my respect with rapid acceptance of product flaws. I have bought dozens of your products for friends/family on that basis, a brand to trust.

You are losing that trust right now.


Hello @AnkerTechnical orry for resurrecting an old thread, but I have just gotten the replacement unit for PowerCore 10000 PD and I am wondering how can I tell if the replacement unit has the updated software that makes it compatible with PowerPort Atom PD 1? The model didn’t change, nor can I tell from the label if it is an revision or not.

Use PowerPort Atom PD 1 to charge with the PowerCore 10000 PD, then you will get the answer.:sunglasses:

Haha glad I bought a USB-C PD charging meter to verify and am happy to report that the replacement PowerCore 10000 PD can be charged by my PowerPort Atom PD 1 at the 15V / 1.2A = 18W speed correctly. I also tested that the same PowerCore can be charged by my Apple USB-C power adapter at 9V / 2A = 18W as well so everything worked out!

Thank you for the follow up support! Hopefully the update will be generally available so everyone can enjoy this nice unit.

I ordered this week and got the 10000 PD.

How do I know I got the latest version with updated software?

I charged it off a Anker 60W PD and meter showed input 15V 1A.

I am also curious if the 10000 PD I just got has the updated software. If it is incompatible, does it just not charge at all? Or does it just charge at a slower rate. I’ve got it plugged in and it’s charging successfully. I guess I could completely drain it and then time it to be sure…I’d love to know for sure but I don’t really wanna go out and buy a Charging Meter.

So the issue with compatibly scared me til enough time had passed and then o bought the 10000 PD.

I only own right now the 60W Powerport so I can’t be sure if the issues with the Atom are fixed.

Some people reported complete incompatibility. I saw reduced charge rates while the power bank was below 25%.

Without a power meter your best option is to time a full recharge. Drain the power bank to 0%. Then plug it into your charger and start the clock.

Even with the issues I saw total recharge time was ~3 hours. Anker states it recharges in 3.5 hours. So as long as you are within those times you’re good to go. Most similar spec power banks recharge in the same amount of time.