PowerPort+ 5 USB-C mit USB Power Delivery — Can I plug normal USB devices into the USB-C port as well?

Hi, I bought the charger and just wanted to know, if I could charge devices as well, that have a USB-C charging cable, but just need a „normal“ charging speed. To be more specific, I have a flashlight, that has a USB-charging cable but I don’t think, that it needs as much power, as the charger can deliver. Will the charger recognize that, or will I run into a problem with that?
Thanks for any help!

The charger is equiped with power iq so it will only deliver the amount of power that the device requires nothing more.

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@elmo41683 is correct: the USB-C port will output the 5V that USB devices normally use, so it can charge other USB devices as well. For example, I’ve used the USB-C port to charge my Nintendo Switch Pro controller and it only draws 5V 1A (which a normal USB port would deliver).

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@elmo41683 @TechnicallyWell Wonderful, thanks for your help!