PowerPort 5 reveiw

Today I will be writing a preliminary review for the Powerport 5

When I first opened the box I was happy to see the original style anker packaging with the nice cardboard box. Some of the newer stuff anker has made has come in a plastic box (ewww).

This product came with the instructions, and the “happy, not happy” card. One thing I noticed is the “happy, not happy” card is larger than cards from other products.

this pruduct is a very convenient size. It’s slightly larger (also much thicker :joy:) than a skip-bo card.Mine was also the set that comes with 5 micro-usb cables, so I’ll enclude a photo of that as well. It also comes with an adhesive strip to attach the powerport to a smooth hard surface.

I’ve noticed this product which has IQ technology does charge my phone faster than the standard 5w block that come with my phone, but I haven’t had time to figure out just how much faster it is :wink:. This product seems durable and well made, let’s see if it stands up to the test of time :joy:.

I will be updating this review later with more information and possible more pictures.

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for reading!

@ikari04warrior I finally got my reveiw out :wink:

Edit: photos


Nice review

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Cool pictures man. You got lucky with those chargers! Looking forward to the full review :+1:

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I get the need to showcase and show off what you got, but why the need to do so so soon once you get it?
why not use it for a few weeks and then write your review based on your use during that time and add all of your pictures from unboxing to it being used with your review?
Posting a review after using something the same day or for a day doesn’t really say much other than you rushed to get this out.

I do appreciate you taking the time to do so and lost pictures, live the card comparison… But I wanna see real world use and not just a preliminary posting… Of course that’s just my take. Good job none the less getting this posted


Well, I’m planing to update this as time goes on… anyway, I may just wait longer and do it all at once next time :man_shrugging:

Should have titled it “Unboxing a PowerPort 5” As an unboxing review this works for me!

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Nice unboxing pictures👍

Nice review and pictures. :thumbsup:

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Nice review thanks