PowerPort+ 5 Ports USB-C with MacBook Pro

I’m using a PowerPort+ 5 Ports USB-C with a MacBook Pro 13" on the USB-C port plus an iPhone and an Apple Watch on the regular ports. This seems to have been working fine for a few weeks and it kept my MacBook topped up just fine with just the 30W.

But now it seems that the USB-C port isn’t providing any power any more, while the regular ports do just fine.

My question is, wether a MacBook Pro might overload the adapter as I remember that I only saw the smaller MacBook mentioned in the specifications.

Somehow was was of the impression, that with USB-C the two ends negotiate how much power can be supplied and as long as it contains a 20V supply it would just charge slower or temporarily not fully cover what the computer draws.

Is that assumption wrong and did I maybe blow the adapter by using it with the MacBook Pro?

Your best bet would be to reach out to support@anker.com with your issue and let them know any troubleshooting steps you have taken as well as provide the serial number and purchase order number. This better to help expedite a warranty claim.

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Thanks, you are probably right. I just thought that maybe somebody knew whether this failure was my fault, loading the unit to high too long and whether I should even try to get a warranty replacement which is quite difficult as I’m currently sailing and will not be back to home address for another three months. It would still be under warranty and so I could still try to make a claim then.

The failure definitely isn’t your fault. Once you’re back home, it will be easy to get a replacement unit. Anker’s support team is excellent.

Of course, this isn’t going to provide a full speed charge to your MBP, so perhaps you could even request a refund, and then spend your money on a higher powered charger, as Anker may have more available in the next few months.

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Thanks a lot, that’s a good idea. Yes, support has always been very good at Anker, one reason I keep buying their products and I have quite a few now. So I’ll get back at Anchor when I’m back and if they happen to have a higher spec unit I’ll trade up. But I’m also fine with the slower charging of the current unit. What would be nice would be a unit for 12V or 24V for the boat, but I have a 3.5kW inverter so that Isn’t really necessary. By the way that is a true sine wave inverter with pretty clean output, so I don’t think that could have caused the failure.

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I would for sure hit up support on it. I had an issue with one of my cables running a lot slower by comparison to the exact same cable on the same brick. Contacted support and had a replacement sent within a couple of days.