Powerport 4(temperature?)

It get quite hot while i charge with (2ports with powercore 26800 and other ports i use with my phone). i want to know is it normal i just got it yesterday.

Hi @chheamenghout1, I regret to hear that you have run into problems with your Anker Powerport 4. In order to offer better service, could we trouble you to try another working outlet and cable to see if the same issue happen? could we trouble you to unplug one of these devices to see if the same issue persists? Could you please contact us Anker at "support@anker.com" with above test result? Please be assured that we offer 18 months warranty(replace or refund) and lifetime technical support. If the problem is within our warranty coverage, we are glad to arrange a replacement to you for a try.:grin:

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This is normal with chargers charging multiple devices simultaneously. Try to give it more room so it can “breathe”


Good advice people. I’ve recently got a 3 port Anker wall charger so I’m new to multiple charging plugs - I used to use my apple single charger but found I needed more options for more devices - over heating was a concern of mine but so far so good, all seems ok. Thanks Anker for another great product! Oh and the Anker cables are great too especially my useful 10ft one which reaches to my bedside drawers!

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