PowerPort 3amp delivery

With the new Raspberry Pi 4 having just been announced, I’m looking for a new multi-port power supply that will be capable of delivering the 5V @ 3A power that it requires. My current PowerPort 5’s have done a super job of powering multiple RPi2 and RPi3’s, but they are limited to 2.4A per port.

I see that Anker offer other multi-port desktop chargers that can deliver high speed charging with PowerIQ and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3, but my understanding is that these fast charging standards require negotiation between the charger and device to agree on a higher charging voltage and current. I don’t think the RPi4 uses these standards and will just want to pull 3A without negotiation.

Can any of Anker’s chargers deliver 3A per port even when not using a fast charging standard?

Also, does anyone know how to change password on these forums? I can’t find this anywhere.

I don’t believe Anker offers a multi-port solution, but this should provide the charge you’re looking for :grinning:


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Thank you for the suggestion, but I’m looking for a solution that can power multiple RPi4’s. The Raspberry Pi foundation already offer power supplies for single units.

Most chargers that support USB PD over USB-C (fast charging) will also support regular 15W USB-C power. Which is what you’re looking for. Any good quality USB-C charger showing 5V/3A in its specs will work for the new Pi 4.

You’ll only be able to charge up to two Pi 4s with a single USB-C charger. Dual port USB-C chargers are a thing. Anything more isn’t sold as consumer products and are more at home in a server room.

The best Anker option is the PowerPort Atom PD 2. It features two USB-C ports supporting up to 30W each. Both support 5V/3A. The just announced PowerPort III Duo is a cheaper option, but you’ll need to check with Anker directly first. Its listed specs show 5V/2.4A support. It may support 5V/3A under non-PD connections, but you’ll need to ask.

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I second @Insider PowerPort C1 is a good choice to provide required power at 5V-3A to RPi 4