PowerPort 2 Wall Charger Defective?

Back in August i bought my PowerPort 2 and after some use, it recently started to spark when I unplug/plug it into outlets. It works fine but sometimes when it makes sparks it doesn’t charge and i have to unplug and plug in again. Has this occured to anyone else? Should i contact anker?

I would definitely contact Anker about it.


@Josh I would recommend immediately unplugging it and put some where it can’t catch fire. That is a huge fire risk and you most likely do not have the correct fire extinguisher for electrical fires. Like @Nhi said contact Anker

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I am an expert in this area, I also have several power port 2 units,one always went sparky. I was going to have my whole house rewired but my licensed electrician told me not to sweat it. He said it is very common with household appliances. It most likely happens when you have a phone/tablet plugged in to the cable before putting it in the wall. You have the option to exchange it if it is under warranty, I don’t think it will go all “Galaxy Note 7” on you though. To be honest, my one has stopped doing it now.
Good luck


Mine started sparking excessively a few months after it was new. It’s been over a year and it is still doing it. It would be nice if Anker did the right thing and issued a recall, regardless of any warranty.

Have you tried contacting support?