PowerPort+ 1 with Quick Charge 3.0, 18W 1-Port USB Wall Charger -- Safety Features

Is this a bad choice for non-Quick Charge devices, or does the Quick Charge feature improve safety function or have some other benefit?

This is the same size as the PowerPort II 2 charger, which has 24W and 2 ports. Does that mean the PowerPort+ 1 with QC 3.0 has more/better safety features (such as extra distance between the mains circuit board and the low voltage circuit board)?

Or maybe the device size is simply based on reusing the same circuits as the 2-port charger.

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Hi, this is Anker Customer Support.

For your question, there is no connection between the size and safety. Our charger has the Output overvoltage protection (OOVP), Input Overvoltage Protection (IOVP), Short circuit protection (SCP), and Output over-current protection (OOCP). It is safe.