Powerline+ USB Cables - The highest quality on the market

I’ve purchased several brands of cables for phones in the past, and they never last. My family has a tendency of ruining the connectors over time and I end up buying more. I did some research, and started looking at higher priced cables. I found the Powerline+ series of cables (I use USB-C and Micro USB), and decided to try it for myself.

Let me preface this with one statement. YOU ARE GETTING WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

I didn’t mind spending a couple extra dollars to try this cable out because I wanted a permanent solution to worn out ends. And with the Powerline+, the problem has been solved. The cable is built with high quality, with attention to wear-prevention. The cable is designed with durability from the flexible connections, to the tangle-proof double-woven nylon casing.

Along with the cable, you get a nice carrying case to keep the cable in great shape, which I always keep the cable in when it’s not in use.

I can say that this is the best line of cables I’ve ever used, and will continue to use them in the future.