PowerLine+ USB-C to USB 3.0 Review

So I have heard a few people criticizing #Anker for making new, more durable, high-speed cable and I really can not fathom why. Maybe they have not recently purchased a good quality cable, because if they did they would immediately see how well they are built. No more skinny wires that get all tangled together and seem like, with only minor strain, that they will easily break. That alone is a worry that Anker, for me, has TOTALLY done away with. On top of the amazing strength of the cable, you also get an extremely fast connection, fast enough to charge the new MacBook in fact. I mainly use mine to charge my 10,000mah Powercore lite, it has a micro USB input and a USB-c input for charging and after getting this cable I can easily notice a difference in charging time between the two. The PowerLine+ USB-C to USB 3.0 cable cuts the charging time in half at least. Overall it is an amazing cable. At this point, I don’t see any reason why someone would buy any other brand if cable. Seriously, have you guys purchased any of the new ones? They are a sight to behold! I mean I was extremely surprised at the look of cable, it’s a vibrant Red, 6ft long and comes with a piece of velcro on the end so that when you fold it up you can wrap the velcro around it to keep it compact: belive me it is awesome!

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Like the different style of cable you got, but your wall outlet needs to be cleaned up

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Nice review and photos :ok_hand:


Nice review and good nylon cables

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ha that a purposly wild setup, a multi-port outlet, with my Echo Dot and Smart Plug, plugged into it and then the Powerport 4! Everything charges insanly fast!

Thanks I’m trying to get all of my #Anker products reviewed on here, I have a ridiculous amount lol

I have the #Anker USB-A to Lightening, 6ft. The A to Micro, 6ft, and A-3.1-USB-C, 6ft (White, gold, and red) respectively