Powerline Usb-c to DC


I recently received the Powerline USB-c to DC cable.

I want to say that it works great with my HP laptop. It does need a 60w power adaptor as I tried my 25w Samsung power Brick that came with my Note 10 and it didn’t work.

I attached it to my 61w Choetech brick and it works fine. I will try and test the charging speed in future but for now it seems to charge my laptop fine.

I think this a great product for me, I’m always trying to reduce weight from my bag and this has saved me a fair bit.

The cable quality seems great and looks like its built to last, at the price point of £15 it’s a great priced product aswell.

So far I would highly recommend it!

Amir Matinahmadi

Of those who Anker selected, thanks for the review.

Photos? Performance benchmarks?

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Hi @Amir_Matinahmadi_In

Thanks for sharing your review! When time permits can you please share some pictures and add some details such as how do these look, connections, what HP LAPTOP model did you use with, length of cable,… Etc

May be @professor 's point, may be Anker should start setting expectations when test plans are submitted and choose which match those.


Oh yea. I said in the review that it was a partial/midway review. I have 3/4 reviews to write but that will be the first one and yes I plan on including as many pictures as necessary. I will try to remember to @ you in it. Also remember @professor this was/is during the pandemic so it took a while for my cable to actually arrive. I have barely had it for 2 weeks which is like the minimum time I test a product before writing a review. Especially if I’m only going to be writing one.

Hey Everyone

So a update to my review, I drained the battery from my laptop to the point it was about to switch off, then I put the cable in.

It’s basically maintaing the charge and not actually charging the laptop.

It’s disappointing as this means it’s not really a substitute for its normal charger.

Is anyone else having the same issue and if they have fixed and have they fixed it?

What’s the current showing from the laptop supplied charger? What’s your PD charger?

Photos would help.

I suspect you have a lower PD Amps than your official charger

The Anker DC cable goes up to 20V 3A 60W. A typical laptop charger is 65W, some are 85W. Probably, you aren’t using a 60W PD charger but photos would help prove it out.

Thank you for your review! @Amir_Matinahmadi_In Please don’t forget to submit this review link on the completed testing page to ensure your opportunity for coming testing programs.