Powerline Soft USB C to Lightning Cable

Haven’t seen any news about this but saw it on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/anker/comments/k1kt6v/coming_soon_powerline_soft_usbc_to_lightning_cable/

Looks interesting!

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Hoho they found another colour to add to the plastic.


Looks interesting, and great colour @PixelSushiRobot
Looks like a new product due soon!

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Looks cool. I’m digging the color.

Yes on Reddit there are many coming soon. They used to be here but ToS

Strictly speaking, discussion here breaks the ToS


Funny how Reddit has more “coming soon from Anker” than what Anker has :thinking:

Rule 15 is interesting, I’ve seen it other places.
I like to think of it as the “incompetent” statement.

Staff and suppliers are normally bound by a non disclosure agreement.
This type of information/leaks obviously comes from inside the company or the companies suppliers.

To me this statement has always read “although we are to incompetent to keep our own house in order, we expect you (our valuable consumer) not to engage or get excited about forthcoming product information you might see”

More businesses should adopt the Samsung philosophy of generating their own “leaks” to encourage hype and engagement in future products.
That way people are ready to buy before it actually hits the shelves!


I like the color. I’ll wait till they release a USB C to USB C cable

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Oops, did not know about this rule. Was just browsing Reddit and thought it’s interesting. I will wait for more official info about this.

Don’t worry, if you cross any line you’ll be warned. It only impacted 1 person, the one who posted it here and there who got banned for a period.

My own personal view is similar to Paul’s, in that so long as you always cite your sources, you move the problem to the source, ultimately someone near / inside Anker is leaking or acting in a manner which allows easy access to information and that person, or that behaviour, has to be terminated, as otherwise your fans cannot discuss what your competitors can discuss, the opposite of logical common sense.

I’m pretty sure the issue is the way Anker populates Amazon, you just need to an Amazon seller account and sort by new and zero-inventory and it’s all there, laid bare, as Anker uploads their information, and given the errors in Amazon listings, they are very busy and so don’t want to close this method off.


Was just about to point that out. The updated terms and conditions have stopped these updates

Not stopped, just moved sideways, so we go over there so then can’t discuss them here. Censorship doesn’t work.

I’d prefer an Anker official coming soon with more information, like dates, RRP.

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Yea I meant stopped here. But yea we’re both on the same page here. KT is safe to post her thread because there are Amazon links showing it’s accessible to everyone in the world. I do the same thing but I don’t have an extension so have to manually look

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I just use the Keepa Chrome extension that shows graphs of prices over time and in the bottom is will say something like “All XXX days” which will be however long the product was found available But yeah agreed i think if amazon links are found it cant violate ToS im just serving as the public announcement then i guess

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Nice share

I like the color :heart_eyes: