PowerLine+ Opinions

What are your opinions on this cable series? Have they improved the overall performance over the originan PowerLine cables and.what have your experiences been? Also, what base charging brick do you use with yours?

I love mine so far :blush: I use it with a Samsung adaptive charge EP-TA20JWE standard brick as well as a wall mounted Belkin Surge Plus 6 outlet 2 USB surge protector (BSV602tt) in a few rooms. Depending on the USB brick the Ford’s performance improves so be sure you are plugged into a brick which supplies the correct current for your device. On my Samsung tablet for example I can’t rely on our Belkin USB ports when it is on and apps are going so I plug it into the adaptive brick and it charges quickly. The Xbox One controllers or peripherals aren’t picky and charge on anything and the 15ft PowerLine+ cords perform amazingly anywhere. I am a bit let down though that the teeth on the micro USB side are wearing on one cord which is isolated to my bedside table and only used for my tablet. It isn’t used except maybe every other day and already it is a loose cord which has to be left completely still or it loses contact. The other cords connect just fine and lock in stiffly so it isn’t the internal pieces of the tablet. That cord isn’t very old either -only a couple months.

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Time will tell.

For me the problem with cables is they don’t fail, they just become less efficient, slow to charge, and I eventually discover.

Cables are the most problematic of all the technology.

Indeed. I’ve never had a cable from any manufacturer last longer than six months before it started giving me half the charging rate. I’d love if Anker could find a way around this.

They kinda did. VoltageBoost?

Well I suppose that’s a way around it. I must say though, that means none of the Anker products I have carry that technology, as none of them are able to get a crap cable to work any better.

With the classic “white” cables I have had them fail at the plug sides - they fray and the wiring is exposed and eventually the metal breaks. I think a lot of that is because of how much I use the cords in such a short amount of time. Those usually don’t last me longer than 6 months. The ones that have the fabric on them those start to go soft in the same areas and I really didn’t keep those to find out if the metal did the same thing >.< that was enough for me! Electricity though is tough on metals over time and even though the materials used in these cords are pretty durable you really do get what you pay for and I know that in buying some I have really had them fall apart quick. Others have surprised me (one is still going strong after a year and I paid $3 for a 15ft microUSB though I have not allowed my twin nephews to touch it). Another I paid a hefty price and it is sitting in a recycling place somewhere.


  • If Voltageboost is doing its job it will increase the voltage to get past a bad cable,
  • could they put a disable like a color of the lights to show the cable is having higher resistance?

This matters for Powercore which would just waste power pushing through a bad cable.

Dear @AnkerOfficial I’ll take $1000 of your products ( I get to chose) for you to own my idea.

Hey dear!

We understand that you are having problems with our cables. So sorry to hear that.

We’d like to begin investigating this incident right away. Could we trouble you to contact our customer service team at support@anker.com?

If the product is determined to be at fault then we promise we’ll do everything possible to put things right.\

Happy Holiday:)