PowerLine+ II

Lifetime warranty
30000 bends
New carry pouch
Four colors

1ft $14
3ft $16
6ft $18
10ft $20



I always liked braided cables, but overtime I find that they do tend to cause the cable to gather kinks/ or that it holds the shape that it stays in over time causes issues.

Eventually you’ll end up with the port type getting legacy or rusting or something else, eventually you are over-engineering a cable.

I agree about the over engineering, but the one thing I do like about Ankers cables is that they are robust and built to last. More specifically I do love how thick the casing is around micro USB cables as well as the lightning cable. The tips imo are always the weakest part and Anker has reinforced then so they last

I love my PowerLine II lightning, so anything that makes the cable even stronger/longer lasting, I’m in. And as much as I like different color options for cables, I can never bring myself to spend a few more dollars for a different color–all of my lightning cables are white and all of my micro-USB’s are black. I recently bought a new laptop, and that has USB C, so maybe I’ll switch it up once I start getting other devices that have USB C ports.

I’m a sucker for a coloured cable and loved the Powerline+. Unfortunately I’d did eventually give in as my mrs always used it with it resting on her stomach in bed.

More so, I love the thickness and durability of the Powerline II so putting them both together is great.

Will definitely be getting 1 or two of these as I need to set up a charging station for the kids iPads/iPods.

I currently own a braided 6ft anker cable so I don’t see how this is much better:) i think mine is rated up to 10000 bends though

But this new red does look very sleek. Well done anker

If it’s the same Powerline+ as I have (in red with black lightning connecter/USB) then I do believe that they’re rated up to 10,000 bends.

30,000 is something that would hopefully stand the test of time in my works van - constantly being plugged in/removed/stood on/thrown about. I’d love to see how long it would last!

Currently, my Powerline+ is just used indoors to charge my personal phone nightly. Hardly ever moves but have peace of mind knowing that it’s a well built and robust cable.

Yes i think mine is the powerline+. That is interesting to note that this cable is 3x more durable according to anker though.

wow, this is nice

Colors include red, gold, silver, and black.

Ive got one of these on the way now :smile:

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What color and length?

Only the 3 and 6ft versions come with the pouch.

6ft Red :slight_smile:

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Nice! Let me know when you’ve received it.

Here are all four colors.

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I’ve received mine and here’s my thoughts on it: Their cables are MFI certified like all of Anker’s lightning cables, so you know you can trust the cable and your phone while it’s being charged. It’s also got got their signature PowerIQ technology that allows you to charge you phone much faster. The cable itself feels very sturdy as they say can withstand 175 pounds of force and lasts up to 30000 charges, but even if does malfunction Anker provides lifetime warranty on their products. The design of the cable is amazing as the ends look very sleek with it’s metal encasing while the braided cable itself looks sharp as it looks like its weaved with two tones of red that also appear to be slightly reflexive in lighting. They even include a nice carrying case and a Velcro strap for the cable.The only negative thing that I would have to say about this cable is the price of it seems expensive for just a cable, but again it’s got lifetime warranty and it’s very well engineered. Let me know if you have any questions about the cable!

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