PowerLine II USB-C & OnePlus Dash Charge

Hello everyone,

I’m just wondering, following Anker’s new post :

When it says that “This version of PowerLine II safely and reliably delivers rapid-charging current. Fully compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, and other high-speed charging technologies.” : Does it include OnePlus’ Dash Charge, featured in my shiny new OnePlus 5?

Thanks for your insight !

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Possibly, depending on what charger you use. But It may cause issues. Dash Charge uses different hardware from QC or PD to quickly charge devices .
See here for more info: https://www.androidcentral.com/dash-charge

[quote] OPPO has its own fast charging solution called VOOC (Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging). The fast charging system is used in the F3 Plus, R9s, R11, and other OPPO phones, and on OnePlus devices as Dash Charge. OPPO uses dedicated circuitry in the charger itself for heat management and dissipation, which is why you can only get Dash Charge speeds with OnePlus-branded wall and car chargers — such as the one that’s included in the OnePlus 5’s box.

The key difference between the two fast charging technologies is that while Qualcomm uses higher voltages to charge batteries, VOOC relies on delivering a higher amperage. For instance, Quick Charge 3.0 goes up to 6.5V at 3A, creating 19.5W, whereas VOOC delivers 5V at 4A to attain 20W. And that has a few advantages.[/quote]


Thanks for your insight Arwen. I guess what I meant is of course to use the OEm wall charger, but with an Anker PowerLine II instead of the OEM cable.

I guess this would allow the Dash Charge to work properly, because I’d still be using the OEM wall charger.

Unfortunately theres something funny about the Dash cable in addition to the adapter…
I rather have a slightly longer cable from Anker but it wont DASH/VOOC charge at least with the OnePlus adapter…

I have the same annoyance, what I do is either give up totally on DASH and then just plug in a Powercore proactively to slower recharge my OnePlus phone before its too low on battery, or I carry a 110V extension cord.