PowerLine II lightning connector cable doesn't fit 2nd Gen Astro F5 power bank

Just received my Powerline II Lightning cable, only to discover that it doesn’t fit my 2nd Gen Astro F5 Powerbank. )-:

Looks like I’ll need to invest in a newer model. Can anyone tell me which model can accommodate the PowerLine II cable?

Thanks very much.


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Seems weird how it would not fit, it’s only a USB type A connector connecting to a type A output port…does it not fit at all or is it just tight?

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Silly question, but are you putting the right end of the cable in the power bank?

Was going to post something similar but I thought benefit of the doubt was best :blush:

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Definitely putting the right end in. :wink: The other end is for a USB port.

The non-fit end simply won’t go into the input slot. It’s not just a tight fit.

I thought maybe the newer model PowerBanks have been altered.

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Have you got a photo that would better show the problem you’re having Donna?

I’ll take a picture.

The input slot is micro USB not lightning…as far as I can recall on this model…

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I get the feeling that you may be trying to put the lightning cable end into the micro USB port on the power bank…

Unfortunately as of now Anker does not make any power banks with an Apple lightning input. You will need a micro USB to USB type a cable to charge your Astro f5

@dondev Yes it appears you have the wrong cable for charging the PowerCore, you need a micro USB cable like the following;

Not many PowerBanks are designed to be charged via lightning as it’s Apples own tech and the licensing is more expensive than micro USB

Hopefully this year we see advancements with Apple adopting USB type-c ports on their phones that would help consolidate very fractured micro-USB/lightning/type c charging cable debacle.

yes, it’s a debacle for sure. )-: OK, so I’ll need to buy a different cable. Thanks so much for your help here, people. :slight_smile: Very much appreciated. Am trying to get everything sorted before my upcoming trip.

Problem was I needed a cable for charging my Powerbank, not my iPhone.
Someone had suggested the PowerLight II, so I simply went ahead and ordered it, thinking it was for the Powerbank.


Glad that you got sorted :+1:t2: