PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable Review

The Ultra-Durable Cable That’s Yours For Life says, Anker.

When it comes to iPhone/iPad/iPod charger cables (especially Lightning) cables, I don’t think anyone makes them as well as Anker. Even Apple’s own cables shipped with their new devices are inferior compared to Anker in quality, durability and definitely in price.

The longer cable is not everyone’s cup of tea but I prefer them. They are even better if they come with some cable management as you get the best of both types. This can be a velcro strap to help keep the excess cable tidy or even a nice carrying pouch like you get with the PowerLine+ II.

I’ve got a few cables from Anker and I have come up with the following comparisons and opinions.

Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable 1.8m (6ft) £7.99
Very reasonably priced, long, aramid fibre reinforced and double braided. 18-month warranty & 4.5* Rating on Amazon

[Anker PowerLine II Lightning Cable 1.8m(6ft) £7.99] (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N75EALQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_-sF.zbSNT4KCW)
Another nicely priced long cable. Heavy duty aramid fibre reinforced. 18-month warranty & 5* Rating on Amazon

Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable 1.8m (6ft) £16.99
Built to withstand 30k bends. 5x that of the PowerLine+ and almost 3x the PowerLine II but also has a Lifetime Warranty & 5 Rating on Amazon* and is worth the extra money. Or wait until they are on offer/discount.

[Apple 2m USB - Lightning Cable £29] (Power & Cables - iPad Accessories - Apple)
Expensive and thinner cable which most owners have to replace within 12-24 months & 2.0 * Average Review on their own website.

Here is a view of 3 cables. Notice the Apple cable that is less than 6 months old is already starting to show signs of wear. The grey PowerLine+ is is still in perfect condition.

The newer MFI Certified Ultra durable PowerLine+ II Cable, although more expensive than it’s predecessors is a lot stronger, comes in 4 lovely beautiful colours which extend to the connectors at both ends and also has a nice smooth feeling carry case which you can also fit your earphones in too. Plus, it comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty meaning, this will be the last cable you EVER need to buy. It’s a no-brainer…


Awesome review @Oggyboy :slight_smile: Love love the comparison pics. Long cables isn’t my cup of tea but I can see how it would be useful at times.

I have a couple of the Anker USB-C for my GoPro, it came in a cord management wrap… I have one in my car for when I’m doing drive lapse on my GoPro or just need to charge my GoPro or Remo. That one is a braided one like yours. I can see it lasting for years. I also got some older Anker Micro USB cables that are pretty tough. And those, I’ve replaced for using anything that uses Micro USB cable. In the near future, I will be investing in some Lightning cables because the Apple ones are flimsy and I hate how they discolor. And forget about it tangling.

But any who, great job on the review and comparison. :slight_smile:

Wow wow wow, great job buddy. Love the comparison pics and the differences between the cable is very apparent.

Cheers @Nhi @elmo41683

Yes. I do dislike.how Apple’s cables go yellow. It’s like they are overheating inside the cable and causing an internal burn/scorch mark.

These new ones look.so.much more durable.

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I believe it has nothing to do with heating up but rather, the dull and porous surface of Apple’s Lightning cables which are not covered with any kind of protective coating. This porosity allows skin oils to enter the cable jacket and start yellowing. The skin oils will eventually start deteriorating the cable jacket.

Notice how the yellowing is only around the area where the cable is handled & touched? If it was heat, why is this heat only around the area where the cable is handled & touched?

I doubt heat is the issue and that it only appears that way.

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Sounds logical and a lot safer :grin:

It’s great to be able to compare these 3 products in a signle picture. We definitely notice how well made the Anker cables are.


Great review and comparison pictures, @Oggyboy! :thumbsup:

Thank you kind sir :slight_smile:

I am a huge fan of the way the new cables are packaged rolled into a loop instead of being tightly folded and full of kinks when unwrapped. I know it’s a Minor Detail but all the Kinks really set off my OCD :joy:

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Agreed ! And I also think that it’s great that they have modified the velcro strap.

The older ones always stick to the mesh pouches of my power banks.
This new velcro strap doesn’t !

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