PowerLine II is Here!

Finally, Anker has released a revamped version of one of their most popular products… The PowerLine cable. The second generation is called the PowerLine II Dura. The main improvement seems to be the durability, but I’m sure that there are a slew of other improvements as well. Currently, you can pick up the 3 ft. Lightning version for $11.99 (sold on Amazon), but hurry as new products tend to quickly become out of stock. Check it out for yourself!

But this brings me to the question of this post. Are you excited for this new product? Will you buy one even if you anyway have an original PowerLine at home? And, finally, do you think this is hinting at a revamped PowerLine+ cable coming soon? I sure hope so, and I hope it comes with a lower price tag as well. Have a nice day everyone. I will try to continue to keep you updated on new Anker products just as soon as they are released. Have a nice day!


Also, feel free to learn more about PowerIQ 2.0, coming out in All-New products this May, here: ICYMI: Power IQ 2.0 - General & Product Discussion - Anker Community


Nice find! Also worth noting: these cables come with a lifetime warranty!

“Lasts a Lifetime
To show our belief in PowerLine II Dura, we are offering a hassle-free replacement for all quality issues. Not for half a year, not for 18 months, but for an entire lifetime. It really will be the last cable you ever need to buy.”

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I wish that you could buy them in multiples for a discount… I don’t want just one!!! It would be nice :slight_smile:

That will probably be coming soon.

Rumor has it Apple will be moving to the USB Type C connectors maybe this year, so a lifetime warranty is only as good as the life of the product or until its phased out in its entirety.

True. But I’m sure Anker will release plenty more cables of this 2nd gen very soon!

Well the lifetime warranty and the assurance of ANKER Support will make these a must-buy. I don’t care if it’s 10 dollars or more per cable, if I’m getting a guarantee like that it will be crazy good.

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@AnkerOfficial Can you provide any official word as to when we will be seeing micro usb versions of this product? Also, can we expect a PowerLine+ Dura anytime soon? Thanks so much!

USB-C version?

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Anker is beginning to roll out an upgraded version of their regular PowerLine Lightning cable…

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SWEET :smile::smile::smiley: Keep up the amazing warranty and service Anker!

Will there be a USB-C and Micro-B one?