PowerLine+ II, As Good As It Gets!

We have all had this experience: You get a new phone and with it comes the necessary accessories – a charging brick, charging cable, and maybe some headphones. Unfortunately, the stuff phone manufacturers include in the box are not of the highest quality because $$$. Anker alleviates this problem by making some seriously great cables at a good price! Additionally, Anker offers great warranties on their cables!

I have the PowerLine+ II, a great addition to their super premium line of cables. These cables are braided with nylon fiber and sport a lifetime guarantee. Anker touts that these will be the last cables you buy, and when you pick one up, you can feel the level of care that has been put into creating these. And because Anker intends on providing the best user experience it can while delivering on expectations every lightning cable, include the PowerLine+ II is MFI certified to Apple’s standards!

I have had several of these cables and I use them everywhere: in my office, car and by the bedside! I will never use another cable if I can help it! During the year or so I’ve been using PowerLine+ II I haven’t had a single hiccup with them. With cheap braided cables from Amazon they have always failed after just a few short weeks generally, but thankfully the build quality and reliability of these cables is on point.

I highly recommend you ditch the cables from the box, and get something that not only will last your new iPhone, but several iPhones after that!


Good post @thetonyclay


Well said. I totally agree. Anker cables are the way to go. Love love mine.


Anker nylon cables are the best, I have one a year ago and it works perfect


I have an older braided cable that is going on 2+ years and works great. But its dirty. I only buy these types of cables now.

BTW nice review.


I love my power line II+. Still going sting after several months of use.


Anker said they plan on releasing a type C version of the Powerline+ II later this year, so until then, I’m using my Powerlime+.

I’m ready to replace all of my type C cables with those once they release, although my + is still chugging along just fine.


Thanks for sharing the nice and positive review! :grin:

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