Powerline+ II 1-Foot Additions


It would be extremely helpful to have the below 2 cords in the Powerline+ II 1-foot length. The 1-foot version of Powerline+ II only comes in the Lightning form and I cannot express how helpful this shorter cord is especially when traveling.

Powerline+ II USB-C to USB-A, Black, 1-foot
Powerline+ II Micro USB to USB-A, Black, 1-foot

I know there is a manufacturing/business cost to produce additional products, but I would be willing to pay a premium price for these two cords even if the USB-A was 2.0. Since these are not popular connection types, I would be forever grateful and stock up on several of each version even if it was a 1-time manufacturing run.

**YES, many products (speakers, headphones, cameras, computer equipment, security systems, etc) still use Micro USB and USB-A is still the most common and universal option over USB-C.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I agree @JaimeNacole
I prefer a shorter cable on the move especially for use with a powerbank.


Such one Paul? :joy:


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You know Franz, the 15cm cables are perfect for use with PowerBanks. But maybe your cable is a touch to short :+1:t2:

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It would be funny to give this as a prank lol

It was one of my usual jokes.
I prefer those 15cm as well.:laughing:

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Yes Franz, I got it :wink:

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I have a 4" amazon basics lightning cable and it works great while traveling.

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A random day example of what cables I have with me

An Amazonbasics short C-C cable. Some A-B cable with a B-C adapter.

The speaker and the wired buds are B hence to keep it all charged I use the Powercore to charge two things at once (2 C or 1 C+ 1 B) and recharge the Powercore from the Nano. I can last a couple of days off-grid then an overnight recharge of the 20000 PD.

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Funny that @kumar.sachin @professor I don’t mind AmazonBasic cables either, I have a few of their C to Micro cables and they work a treat, and competitively priced too.

The Powercore lets cable be short as I’m not connected to a wall socket.

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