Powerline 3+


I’m searching for powerline+ III cables, on IFA at Berlin Anker showed some of them and they feel pretty good.
Especially i need lightning to USB-C cables with 3m and 1.8m.

Can you give me a hint, when they will be available in germany?
I recently bought a lightning to usb-a powerline III but all my chargers are now usb-c :frowning:

Any ideas how to get lightning to usb-c powerline+ III cables in germany?

Take a look at amazon.de
Are those you want to get?

If not , you may ask the support in Frankfurt

Good luck!

PowerLine+ III USB-C to Lightning has not yet been announced. Because PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lightning was just recently released, they are developing USB-A to Lightning first. Anker might not release PowerLine+ III USB-C to Lightning for quite some time.

no, these are the “old” ones :slight_smile:

They showed these cables at IFA Berlin this year so they will be released soon i hope…

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PowerLine+ III USB-A to Lightning, not USB-C to Lightning.