Powering a car WiFi hotspot and recharging the powerbank

Can you just suggest me the best way to solve this issue?
My dashcam is connected to a wifi hotspot and I’d like the conncetion to be ON 24/7 so my problem is how to connect the hotpot to a powerbank that gives power to the dongle and recharges itself when the car is on.
I understand that my Powercore doesn’t allow passthrough so when it is recharging from the car, it will not power the dongle.
How do you suggest me to do?
Is there a solution that allows me to power simultaneously the dongle and the powerbank while the car is on and, when it is off - the dongle takes power from the powerbank?

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My question here is … why do you need the Dashcam to be connected to Wifi Hotspot for 24x7 and that this be powered continuously?

There is Hardwired option which draws power from your car via OBD-2 port ( which I highly discourage unless you know what you do - can leave your car battery dead in water)

Well, probably I didn’t explain well.
My dash cam is already connected to the Blackvue Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack B-124 which is hardwired to the car battery and powers the dash cam 24/7. When the car is on, it recharges and, at the same time, it gives power to the dash cam. When the car is in parking mode, it only gives power to the dash cam so that the car battery remains untouched (the parking mode power lasts more or less 24 hours for the two channels dash cams).
What I need is something that acts exactly as the Ultra Power Battery pack but for the Wifi hotspot.
The reason is that the “CLOUD” option of the dash cam has a “push” features that notifies you when something happens to the car in parking mode (impact or motion) and at the same time saves the video over the cloud instead of only locally (which could be useless if anyone steals the dash cam).
This way you are aware of what happens when you are away exactly in the moment it happens not to mention that you can “live view” what is going on whenever you like.
My car already has the factory installed WiFi Hotspot but it is limited to when the car is on.
So I added a wifi dongle that needs USB powering.
I know that some powerbanks have the passthrough function but I already have some ANKER powerbanks (which do not allow passthrough) so I wondered if there is any turnaround.

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Very interesting setup but why? do you live in a shady area?

Well, not particularly.
It’s just that I like to take care of my car and to try to avoid problems.
When I go to work I leave the car in a multi-storey garage and it is not uncommn that someone hits your car while maneuvering,

What is the make and model of your dashcam. Anker Roav Dashcams have the Parking monitor which can record movements based on the sensitivity you set on the Dashcam.

But you do make a point, Parking monitor starts recording ‘after’ it has felt the hit, and not ‘when’ it got the hit.

Also, looks like a sophisticated setup :sunglasses:

Well, I have the dashcam that nowadays is considered the best performing one, the blackvue Dr900 4K 2 channel.
The parking mode con be set either on motion detection, impact detection and time lapse.
As all the dashcams on the planet, parking monitor starts recording after the hit BUT it has a recording buffer of 5 seconds so that it always takes the event that triggered.
So the only question is: shall I change my powerbank in order to get a “passthrough” model or is there any multiport or other accessory I can use to get the same result?
I would like a power bank that recharges itself while the car is in use and at the same time gives power to the dongle. When the car is off it will simply continiue to give power to the dongle discharging itself.