Powerhouse won't turn on?

My powerhouse has been sitting over the winter in discharge voltage and after an overnight charging to bring it back up to life. The unit won’t turn on after pressing on individual inputs. When plugged in with the wall charger I get LED to show it’s fully charged but no inputs can be selected.

Sounds to me like it might not be fully charged. Given the capacity of testing powerhouse I doubt it would fully charge overnight. Try charging using different cables

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It had full bars and still says 93% and led shuts off.

Send support@anker.com a email with the description of the problem, any steps taken to troubleshoot and also provide the serial number and order number to further expedite aNY warranty claims


I know this was a long time ago, but I can’t get mine too power on and support was pretty useless. Any ideas?

Did you let the batteries fully discharge? These lithium batteries should never be fully discharged as it takes a lot to bring them back. You could have a bad powerhouse now

I did let the battery discharge, it wasn’t being used and died over time. Is there anything I can do to jump start it or something like that? Would be a waste to toss it…

Maybe try ordering a different charger