PowerHouse UK Release date

Stumbled across the PowerHouse on the US site and it looks fantastic. Would be great to have one of these to take away when I go camping to motorsport and air show events for the weekend.

I can find it on the UK site but there an error with the page, I presume it’s not available yet here. Does anyone have any idea if Anker are planning on bringing them to the UK and when?

Thanks, Andy.


I will use the search function in future! Just seen the thread that this may have been discontinued…so not likley due out here any time soon :pensive:

There is a new PowerHouse that was unveiled at CES, the PowerHouse 200;

Agree though, it would be nice to see the PH make it to the UK however based on the past model this is unlikely due to shipping constraints.

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Nebula looks fantastic…as does the Zolo speaker!

Thanks for the info on the PowerHouse by the way. Looks good.