PowerHouse II 400 $100 Off Code

Just passing along to anyone who didn’t receive the e-mail from Anker on the PowerHouse II 400.


you beat me by a min :smiley:

good deal!


Great minds think alike! :nerd_face:

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Thats one huge PowerHouse!
And equally huge saving @chrisjwaggoner

Now this is a great coupon!

Just missed the $60 coupon which could have combined to make a $160 discount!

Hi your Gmail address you showed at the bottom of image.

It’s fine we all did it once. :blush:


Yep… i always take care not to include the full page screenshot, only scrape the top image gif, and text…

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Great discount!

Whoops, good catch. Thanks!

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Tremendous saving on the powerhouse. Looks to be quite compact

Thanks for the share