Powerhouse 800

Quite the monster.


Nice share, this is quite the brick house

nice share!

Plenty of power to go!

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Thanks for giving this information. I 'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread.

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There are lots of members, just under a million.

There are old members who come periodically and don’t post. There are new members who spend many minutes searching and then reply.

No the spammer is a new member who doesn’t read anything picks one thread and replies. If you don’t flag them then later they edit the post to insert a link hoping none notice.

Hopefully they realise it’s a waste of time doing it here and stop.

Why here? Well it’s well indexed by search engines and all threads are open to be replied to.

There is a member who did this a few times last year, they just now visited here an hour ago and didn’t spam, so there is hope we put them off.

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Maybe protecto is working his magic. :wink:

Are there any recommended solar panels that would be compatible with Powerhouse II 800?

It says

and those ports look unusual.

I’m seeing MPPT

So seems you need to also buy a MPPT controller, then you need quite a large solar panel fed into the controller.

So it is not really a question of solar panel, it is solar panel and controller.

I can’t recommend anything as no direct experience but some searching finds some examples, e.g.

I recall seeing mention Anker was going to make a solar panel for this, but then it went quiet.

If you’re seriously considering buying this Powerhouse, I’d highly recommnd email Anker, get written recommendations, so if you do buy it, and it doesn’t work, you have ammunition for a full refund.

My own personal view is not popular, change the problem you’re solving into not buying the Powerhouse 800, remove the need for AC power altogether, de-centralise your power needs so your gadgets can be powered for multiple lower cost Powercore, ideally the 26800 with 5V 2A as they are the lowest cost per Wh and W. These then charge off simpler solar panels like what Anker do sell like the 24W panel. This then becomes an inherently more robust setup, no expensive single point of failur (SPOF) and you can scale to your needs. More complex but more flexbile and reliable as no SPOF. I own 340Wh of Powercore and 3 solar panels to last the zombie apocalypse.

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Thank you so much for the detailed reply! I’ll follow up with Anker Support.

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