PowerHouse 200: center positive or center negative

Just got my PowerHouse 200 in the mail, I’m charging it up as I type this. I bought a solar panel to charge it while camping. But I see all these warnings about checking the polarity when connecting the solar panel to the battery. I don’t want to plug things in backwards.

I read the instructional manual twice, and looked around the Anker site. I looked for a symbol on the switching adapter or the plug. Nothing.

So I have to ask: when charging through the back of the Powerhouse 200, is the plug center positive or center negative?

Often polarity is marked on the socket itself. Does it have any markings?

Doesn’t look like it’s marked. This would definitely be very helpful information to have at hand and should not be difficult to locate & be stamped next to the plug on new batches. @AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial

The info could be silk screen on there somewhere which can be hard to read in dim lighting. Try taking it outside to have a better look. I had an Anker power bank with a similar matte rubberized finish that I was positive I could not find any markings on but then when I looked again in the daylight there it was clear as day and I have pretty good vision.

One way that you would be able to tell is by testing the included charger with an electrical meter if you have one. I would then double check the solar panel before you connect anything.


looking for something written on the box itself or the charger like this

I know that:

But just look again for anything like this?

Statistically and from an electronics perspective, it is more likely center positive because electrons are negative and repel each other so you put the highest voltage on the outside.




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I agree with most of what you said, except for the part about putting the highest voltage on the outside because of electron repulsion.

When the circuit is connected to a load, the same amount of current / number of electrons will be flowing through both wires - going out and coming back. So it doesn’t make any difference at that point.

But the way we measure voltage, that positive side will show a positive voltage to ground, and the negative will most likely be grounded (or at least tied to a neutral), and will have no or a very small voltage potential to ground. So center positive is generally a bit safer because if you touch the outside of the barrel and ground at the same time, there is no reason for current to flow through you. I believe that is why it is more commonly used that way.

@sharkyjrmail Best and easiest option for Anker Powerhouse 200…

Contact Anker Support :grinning:

>>> Support@anker.com

You did the right thing… Wait for right info before connecting… Better safe than sorry. :+1: