Powerhouse 200 $299.99!

I have not seen this posted, but let me know if it has been.

The powerhouse 200 is on sale for $299.99 with the coupon code ANKERPW7

This product is a beast when it comes to power. It’s also super portable, which makes it great for camping or hiking!

Hope you enjoy this deal!


thanks for sharing but its still too pricey for me! :smile:


nice deal, thanks for sharing,


you did good, no I don’t think it was shared, I just now noticed the deal and searched for it and you came up already done it.


As per @MSTR it is still too pricey for me. i don’t really have anything which needs AC and for 200Wh that’s two Powercore 26800 which each cost less than $100.

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Lol got the email when I was in class and was gonna post it later but you obviously beat me to it :laughing:

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And that’s why you should drop out of college :joy::wink:

Wow never thought someone would actually suggest that :joy:

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Yea a bit too out of my range with that price tag, but I’d take one for free tho :joy:

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Maybe there’s someone rich on the community who will buy you one? :rofl:

I guess we will me. Maybe Anker decides to do a giveaway :+1:

Perhaps a we love testing event? I’m not very good at those apparently :joy:. I won the PowerWave+ with watch holder, and that’s it. I beleive very few entered in that one :joy:

Unfortunately I haven’t won a single We Love Testing event. No biggie, I’ll keep trying

Good luck! I hope you win he next one! You definitely deserve it for being so active!

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I was eyeing that bad boy up… Would be great for a camping trip… But then it kind of takes away from the whole “camping experience”.

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Lol thanks. We will see what happens :+1::sunglasses:

Oh no, here goes @AnkerTechnical editing all my links again :joy::joy::joy:. Can you tell me why you edit them yet? :rofl:

The price already drop $50, I don’t think it will drop more than this price.

I guess the link edit is a secret :disappointed::joy:.

Some people want this for free :grin::joy:

They just edit links on your posts. They actually change the order of deals I have posted on my thread. And they did it not once but twice. And didn’t even tell me why when I asked :joy:

I’ve asked before, and was informed it “is a secret” :joy:

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