PowerExpand Elite + Mac mini --> Dual Monitors over Thunderbolt/USB-C


I’m a bit confused over the dual monitor capabilities of this hub. I think I have it straight, but I want to make sure.

I have two LG Ultrafine 4K 21.5" monitors, which connect to a Mac mini via Thunderbolt 3 cables.
Can I connect one of them to the Mac, and one of them to the hub, and get 60 Hz output out of both?
I’m not trying to connect them both to the PowerExpand Elite–I know I can’t do that and get 60 Hz from both. I want to connect one (1) of them to the hub and get 60 Hz out of it, if possible.

30 Hz output is not acceptable–the flicker with the Mac mini’s weak onboard graphics is horrendous.

I can do it with or without the hub. Using the hub would just let me use a shorter TB3 cable and have less cables going into the Mac–which is so cabled up at this point it can’t move freely on the desk.

I realize I could just try it, but Big Sur locked my main display into 30 Hz mode, and I had to zap the PRAM to fix it, so I’d rather not risk something like that happening again.