PowerExpand+ 5-in-1 USB-C Ethernet Hub [Problems with HDMI and USB] Faulty hub or Faulty USB port?

I recently bought the PowerExpand+ 5-in-1 USB-C Ethernet Hub and haven’t been able to get anything to work quite right.
The main reason I bought it was to be able to connect two seperate monitors to my laptop via HDMI, but whenever I plugged an HDMI cable into the hub, the monitor I plugged in had a ‘no signal’ error. I know it’s not the cables/monitors at fault because they work perfectly when plugged in directly to my laptop’s HDMI port.

Another problem I noticed when checking if it was just the HDMI issue was when plugging in a USB device (I used a USB mouse) it works perfectly and is responsive for about a minute and then suddenly the device constantly freezes and stutters. I tried looking at my USB drivers to see if that was the issue, but no luck.

Could this be an issue with my USB-C port, or is it a faulty hub?
My laptop is an MSI GP62MVR 7RFX Leopard Pro if the specs might be at fault.

I’d appreciate any advice/thoughts! Thanks!

I have this same problem on my Mac.

EVERYTHING works if I go direct to my Mac. The HDMI to HDMI seems to work, but does nothing if you have more than one monitor you want to use, which is what this hub boasts as a feature.

As soon as I go HDMI to USB-C in the port they say to use for display, no signal. I went through 3 cables now and none of them work.

Seems like several folks are having this problem on here, and they don’t have a solution. Doesn’t sound like they tested this thoroughly on Mac.

Thank you for contacting Anker customer support.

​So sorry to learn about the problem with your hub

Please first provide the following information and let us know if the troubleshooting is helpful or not:

For the HDMI port on the hub:

  • Confirm if the connected C port of your MSI GP62MVR 7RFX Leopard Pro supports DP Alt Mode. To do this, please consult your device’s user manual, contact the seller, or check the manufacturer’s website
  • Try the hub with a different computer that has a C port and the C port supports DP Alt Mode
  • Verify that all devices are firmly attached
  • Verify the monitor is configured to the correct input (HDMI)

For the USB A ports on the hub:

  • Confirm if this hub’s LED light is on when it’s connected to a computer
  • Confirm if your mouse is a wired one or a wireless one
  • Try this hub with a different computer to see if the issue persists
  • Try this hub with a different USB device (for example, a thumb drive) to see if the issue persists

If the issue turns out to be the Anker hub, please contact us and we will move into the warranty process for you.

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