Powered Up For Prime Day 2021! Anker's Best Deals!

It’s time for Amazon’s annual sales event, Prime Day! For those that don’t know, there’s 48 hours of some amazing deals on chargers, portable chargers, hubs and much more available on the Anker Amazon Store! Would you believe it? There’s up to 50% off available on selected products, but be warned—some of the deals are time limited or limited by quantity, so get them while you can!

The world in general is exiting lockdown. While continuing to exercise caution—restaraunts, hotels and even flights are becoming a possibility for some. The sun is shining, summer is here and although we are starting to enjoy the outdoors, it’s best make sure we’re powered up for any adventure, keeping safe and connected on-the-go.

So, as we’re still adjusting to a different personal situations regarding the pandemic, this Prime Day we’ve selected a wide range of products to keep those who can enjoy the outdoors powered throughout the day, however for those who are still being more cautious, there’s also other products to upgrade your home setup too.

There’s a huge amount of different deals on our Amazon Store, however if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, we’ve hand-picked some of our best deals below. Some are our favorite products and some are just an absolute steal with up to 43% off!

Please note—some of these deals are in limited quantity or time. Check the details below, but once they’re gone, they’re gone. Order as soon as you can and double check on the Anker Official Amazon Store to avoid disappointment! Most deals are running from June 21 - June 22.

Top Amazon Prime Day 2021 Deals USA:

PowerCore Slim 10000 PD - Was: $34.99 Now: $19.99! 43% OFF! (June 22 only)

PowerExpand Elite 13-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 Dock - Was: $249.99 Now: $199.99! 20% OFF!

Anker Nano (II Pack) - Was: $30.99 Now: $20.29! 35% OFF! (June 22 only)

PowerHouse 100 - Was $159.99 Now: $109.99! 31% OFF! (June 22 only)

PowerWave II Pad - Was $29.99 Now: $19.99! 33% OFF!

Top Amazon Prime Day 2021 Deals UK:

PowerHouse II 400 - Was: £359.99 Now: £259.99! 28% OFF!

PowerWave Magnetic Pad Lite - Was: £19.99 Now: £13.99! 30% OFF!

PowerCore III 10k Wireless - Was: £39.99 Now: 27.99! 30% OFF!

Anker Nano - Was: £16.99 Now: £11.89! 30% OFF!

Top Amazon Prime Day 2021 Deals Germany:

PowerCore 26800 - Was: €49.99 Now: €34.99! 30% OFF!

Anker Nano - Was: $19.99 Now €13.99! 20% OFF!

PowerWave Pad - Was €16.99 Now €11.89! 30% OFF!

PowerExpand+ 5-in1 - Was €39.99 Now €27.99! 30% OFF!


Great price on the PowerCore III 10k Wireless.
But @AnkerOfficial when’s the 20k version being released?


I picked up the PowerCore Slim for that price last week.


Great discounts!! :ok_hand:

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nice deal for sure I always love anker products but not sure I am in need. A little surprised the new webcam wasn’t on sale in the us from what I saw

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