PowerDrive Speed 2 39W with Quick Charge Review (Power Draw win)

III recently was fortunate enough to win the Power Drive 2 with Quick Charge in the Weekly Power Draw.

When the product arrived it was in the usual blue and white box which anyone who has purchased Anker products before will be accustomed too.

Taking it outta the box I couldn’t help but notice the carbon fibre mesh grip. This may not be to everyone’s taste but I am certainly a fan.

Plugging it into the cigarette lighter it was a snug fit (good thing) and I was greeted by 2 LED lights surrounding the USB slots. I’ve had issues before with different charges which I found rattled about and had to sometimes be twisted and angled correctly to work. Thankfully this isn’t the case with this charger. The charger does stick out a couple of cms which personally is a good thing as it gives you something to grab onto when taking it out, compared to a few flush fitting chargers from different brands that I’ve previously used which were a nightmare. The LEDs are bright enough for you to locate the slots but are by no means distracting while driving at night.

Match it up with a couple of Anker’s outstanding cables and given that it is 39W it can easily simultaneously quick charge 2 devices at the same time (Quick Charge 3.0 for compatible devices with Power IQ and Voltage Boost for everything else) this is the ideal car charger to have and would highly recommend to anyone.

It’s not letting me upload all my pics for some reason but feel free to critique review.


Nice review! The lighted USB ports are one of my favorite features of this charger!


Nice review, I didn’t know that they have LEDs around the charger.


I’ve got PowerDrive 2 and love it. Mine has a built in lightening cable and 1 port which also lights up. Great bit of kit. Cheers @k_pug2003

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Lighted slots!!!
That’s really fine!

ANKER should use this feature at the items which need to be charged as well. (speakers, torches etc.)

As a “half blind old man with trembling fingers”, I have always problems to plug in the USB-Micro. Light may help! :wink:

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I also love mine, I have the same one you posted and the one with the built in micro usb cable. The carbon fiber fits right in with the dash on both mine and my wifes car…I’m a sucker for carbon fiber

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Illuminated usb slots


Nice review @k_pug2003 , the illuminated ports look really cool :grin:

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Nice review. Love the blue LED lights. :slight_smile:

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Have you used for a substantial amount of time to get a heat estimate? It looks like a nice upgrade to my current dual port anker charger, but mine is cool after 20-30 minutes charging 2 phones and I wonder about this (efficiency question really lol).

Longest drive would’ve been close to 2 hours (charging 1 device constantly with the other port topping up 3 other devices one after another) and I didn’t notice any increase in product temperature. I will keep and eye on this in the forthcoming weeks and if there’s any change I will let you know.

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Nice review

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Thanks for sharing your review…good job! :thumbsup:

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Wow never noticed the lit-up ports! Is this unique to this model?