PowerDrive 2 Compatibility With Certain Auto Makers

How many of you own the PowerDrive 2? And how many of you found that on some vehicles, it does not work unless you push down hard to get it to make contact?

I know that the charger needs to be modified to work in the 2013 through 2016 BMW 3 series.

Let’s see how many other vehicles this great little charger is incompatible with … without modification.

I’ll share pictures of my hack later.

I have couple of these and works great without any problem in my car, but in certain cars the plug need extra pushing strength to make contact, but when it connect it stays safe there.

Where are the pictures of the hack ? I’m unable to make it work in my BMW

Where is the hack to make it work ? Thanks

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Good luck!

I took a spring from a retractable pen, cut it in half then forced it around the bottom of the contact, about a 1/4" up and used a thin layer of JB Weld to secure the spring in place. Worked like a charm.