Powerdrive 2 Alloy Review 👍

Disclaimer: I received the Powerdrive 2 Alloy as part of the We Love Testing program.

This is my first review on the forums (although I have been writing Amazon reviews on and off for a few years) and I would appreciate any feedback on where I can improve.

I’ll start with the packaging. I have to say I’m a fan of the white and blue embossed cardboard packaging that Anker has been using, it gives a high-end feel that I’d be comfortable giving to a friend or family member as a gift while being fairly easy to recycle.

As you can see in this picture the package is almost completely paper except for the soft plastic bag holding the charger. Obviously the recyclability will depend on the specific system where you are. Paper is fairly universal and in my case the bag goes in the same stream as plastic shopping bags. I really appreciate this as I order a lot of stuff online and it is sad to have to send garbage bags of unrecyclable envelopes and packaging to the dump when it can be so easily avoided. The worst culprits are the pvc plastic boxes often used for things sold in stores and the paper/plastic envelopes used by Amazon :triumph:. Well done to Anker on this one.

Anyway, enough of my packaging rant, on to the product. :laughing:

The car charger is an odd category because it tends to be placed in a car and left there, no reason to be buying a new one every year or anything like that. Also, for some reason, there seems to be a lot of junk on Amazon (even more than usual haha) when it comes to car accessories, even amongst items with prime shipping. In contrast this charger looks and feels great. The metal gives it a nice weight and you can see the front panel (the only part that will be visible) in this picture.

It comes pretty close to just seeming like USB ports that came with the car. The actual ports grip very strongly which is good because some cars have their outlet oriented so that the weight of the cable or even a small device would pull out a loose cable.

Next the most important thing, how well does it charge.

Normally I would run these tests under much more controlled conditions. Unfortunately I didn’t have my USB load tester with me in the car so I used my iPhone to test the power draw. Because the iPhone dynamically controls how much current it draws it is difficult to test the chargers max draw, however it matched what other trusted chargers provided to the phone.

The only cons I can find with this charger are subjective. That is, you may need power delivery, quick charge, or more USB ports. If that’s the case this device will not work for you. Otherwise I highly recommend the Powerdrive 2 Alloy. :+1:


Good review, photos & points @CapitalCapybara thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will call this Alloy Biggie :kissing_heart:

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This should be replaced to paper also.

Good review you wrote and perfect photos.
Thank you.


Great review… thanks for sharing!

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Great review, photos and good job overall :+1: Thanks for sharing

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Good review with good pictures!

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Good review, thanks for the info.

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Great review and photos!

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Great review @CapitalCapybara! Keep up the good work!

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Nice review and photos! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :ok_hand:t2::clap:t2: