PowerDrive 2 Alloy for #WeLoveTesting

Hello everyone.
First of all: Big thanks to ANKER for the chance to test it. I made three short Unboxing-Tweets on Twitter and wrote a review on Amazon - both in my mother tongue german

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vanChuckY/status/1137047408381239297
Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/review/ROZQ5HW6PPEFA/ref=pe_1604851_66412761_cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv

Hope you like it.


If you can, please post your review here in English for everyone. Please and thank you


why not post full reviews here?

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While it isnt a requirement to post your review here, it would look good and better for you to do so for the community


I agree with @Tank. Better to post the review here since this is where you got the item from lol


I think that goes for all the testers.

Even if they have placed it somewhere else, it should still be here in the community.

It’s the Anker community where the majority got their products from.

At least a couple pics and minimum 2 paragraph review.

I also think MANY are failing to honour their commitment to their "plan once they get it.

I have to agree with @Tank @MacBlank @ikari04warrior even if you review a product else you should at least do a full/summarized review here.

I’ve always followed this personal policy here. Besides there’s a lot of people that won’t click the links to other sites.


Lol I don’t click on the links unless it’s a known forum member


I agree! I won’t click a link until the user has posted a few times.

As i stated before Anker does Not require them to post it here, as long as they provide anker with a link or links via post here or in a PM thats all that matters. And please do not go acussing people of not adhering to their stated plan as we do not know what their plan is, remember the plans are all private now.

I said… I THINK.

Let’s put it this way then… How did that plan beat my review plan, which I know from the review, was as basic as it got and I know I planned better than that!

Plus, it hurts when newbies and even newish lurkers … sorry, the shadow people … gets ankers vote over an experienced and.long term serving Anker member.

I know I’m often the only one sayi g these things, but I know, I’m not alone.in thinking it .

I did not understand but nice pics

Normally I don’t click the links to see reviews. It is better to post the review on this forum and still provide a link if Anker wants to know it.