Have the Powerdraws stopped. I haven’t seen an active drawing in quite some time


PowerDraw’s were put on hold due to the recent restructures on the community team…who knows they might come back under the revamp.


I have been mostly MIA for a few years but I check the forum a few times a week and funny thing is today I wanted to post this same question!! I thought it was a Covid thing. Here in Canada we are taking a Covid restriction break. I had it last month and it was like a cold with a hard time breathing ( ya, I’m old) Hey Hey to friends from the past


From what was mentioned of the new sections for the restructured community it looks like they might be going away but we honestly don’t have a clear answer. Sadly we sit here and wait in hopes that our questions will be answered soon. There hadn’t been power draws for a while then they came back for a small time and now they are back in hiding. Hope all is well with you.


for those wondering they said on the questions for the community thread that power buck will not be going away. I asked whether this means the powerdraw will stay or not and am hoping it will be answered soon but I’m assuming if they stay there will be some way that we can use them instead of just collecting them with no way to use them.

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