Powerdraw prize

Hey guys and @AnkerOfficial,

I won the Powerdraw back in June this year and haven’t received the prize for it yet. I’ve sent multiple emails to marketing@anker.com without any answer. Could anyone help me?


Sorry to hear that. They normally don’t have this kind of issue. I know I’ve had some of their emails sent to spam.

If you can’t reach marketing, try emailing support. Maybe @AnkerOfficial can help out.

Did you get the email to input your delivery address?

Yeah and check your spam folder, mine went in to my spam folder when I won one time for some reason.

Yeah, I answered that form back in June with my address and everything; that’s why I was asking you guys for help.

@AnkerOfficial will be along at some stage to steer you in the right direction

Try sending @AnkerOfficial a private message, you probably will get a faster response than a thread tag :slight_smile:

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Oh, I didn’t know you could do that on here, thanks for the tip!